Elite Bot

Elite Bot is capable of purchasing items from Shopify based sites. The built in sites are Palace, Kith, Bape, and Kylie Cosmetics. If you know the direct url of an item, you can attempt to purchase it but pasting it into the Direct URL text field and checking the Use direct URL checkbox. If you would like additional built in sites added please let us know.

Item Name – the keyword the bot will use to search for the item. That keyword will be looked for in the title/name of the item.

Size – size of the item. Has to exactly match the size listed on the site. If it’s xlarge, you need to put xlarge, XLARGE, Xlarge or any variation of capitalization but you cannot have a -, “ “, or any other characters.

Color – some sites such as Bape list multiple variants of the item in the item selection dropdown. For example, if you want the black in size large. For color you would put black, for size you would put large. If only size is listed, put only size as mentioned above.

Category – the bot always refreshes the base category, siteurl.com/collections/all in new to old order. Some sites such as palace can release more items than can fit on one page. In that case you would enter the category. For example, http://shop-usa.palaceskateboards.com/collections/tops – tops would be the category. The bot will keep refreshing the tops category instead of the default category.

Refresh Time – this is how long the bot will wait between each refresh. Usually a refresh time of 1 is ideal. You want to avoid refreshing too many times because it can lead to an IP ban.

Profiles – you can save as many profiles as you wish. If you have Supreme Bot, you can transfer your profiles to Elite Bot by copying and pasting the userprofiles.data file from Supreme Bot profiles folder to Elite Bot profiles folder.

Schedule Feature – you can set the bot to run the tasks at a future time in case you are not able to start the bot manually. Click Schedule Later, choose appropriate time (be mindful of time zones), and click Schedule.

Tasks – once you click add or schedule the task should appear in the middle window and in the output window.